The Latest On The Melina/John Morrison Domestic Incident


Source: The Wrestling Observer

We reported on November 18th that former WWE wrestlers and real-life couple John Morrison and Melina were involved in a domestic dispute the prior weekend, resulting in police being summoned to the residence they share in Los Angeles, California. We had expected details of the story to be published on, but ultimately, they did not acknowledge it. In an update on this, we now know why additional details regarding the incident have not been revealed.

One source noted, “There was an incident reported to them (TMZ) but no police report to back it up so you can’t really go forward with the story. We checked with police and if they were called, there was no report.”

Since news of the incident surfaced online, Morrison has continued performing at wrestling events and comedy clubs. Melina Perez, on the other hand, has continued to remain out of the public spotlight entirely. She last appeared at a wrestling show on October 12th in Tijuana, Mexico, accompanying Morrison for a match. She stopped tweeting a few days prior, and subsequently canceled an autograph signing she was scheduled to appear at later that month.

We’ll keep you posted if we hear more.

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