The Latest On WrestleMania 31 Tickets – The Pre-Sale Issues, When They Will Go On Sale & More


Earlier this month, the original WrestleMania 31 pre-sale was
reportedly postponed. However, there has apparently been some confusion about
the pre-sale code and when the actual pre-sale would take place. The pre-sale
was originally meant for fans that attended the WWE house show in San Jose,
California right before SummerSlam.

Reader Alan Lopez reportedly clarified the
situation on how the pre-sale will take place:

“To clear up the issue about the the Wrestlemania 31
pre-sale code, I don’t think everyone really understood Eden’s announcement. She
gave us the password, which is “sanjose.” She then said ticketmaster would send
us an e-mail letting us know when the pre-sale will take place. By the time
people got home, the pre-sale code had leaked online, but only those who
attended the event will be notified when the actual pre-sale will

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