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NewsThe Latest On WWE's Motion To Dismiss MLW Lawsuit

The Latest On WWE’s Motion To Dismiss MLW Lawsuit



The hearing pertaining to WWE’s motion to dismiss the lawsuit filed against them by MLW has been rescheduled. The U.S. District Court California Northern District has now scheduled the hearing for June 15th, a shift from the initially scheduled date of July 20th, as disclosed by Pwinsider.

WWE took action by filing the motion to dismiss in early April, subsequent to MLW’s amended lawsuit submitted in March. MLW’s claims in the lawsuit allege that WWE engaged in practices that violate the Sherman Act, including anti-trust actions and other related matters.

The original lawsuit had been dismissed in February, with the presiding judge determining that the court held “original subject matter jurisdiction” solely over the accusation that WWE contravened Section 2 of the Sherman Act. The judge dismissed said claim due to the inadequacy of the allegations regarding the relevant market. MLW’s amended lawsuit expands upon these allegations, asserting that WWE tampered with talent contracts and further arguing that the company sought to impede venue bookings, among other claims.

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