The Latest TNA Departure + Robbie E’s Fiancé, More


Partial Source: Pwinsider

Randall Brown sent this in: My wife was watching “Say Yes to the Dress” on TLC today, which is a show about prospective brides picking out wedding dresses, and Robbie E’s fiancé was on the show (although I believe she said the wedding was in December so she would be his wife now). They mentioned Robbie E and TNA briefly and showed a couple pictures from TNA as they were introducing her. They frequently have celebrities (or their fiances) on the show as the dresses tend to be high very high end dresses, but this was the first time my wife said she had seen anyone on the show with a pro wrestling connection.

We noted last week here on the website that Brian Kendrick is officially gone from TNA. This was his second stint with the company. A source confirmed that Kendrick, who was pushed as an X-Division star for most of his return, was released from the company. There was word going around last month that he was leaving the company, but company sources stated that at the time that it was not true. Kendrick is free to take outside bookings, and will be working with FEW in New York in March.

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