The Latest Update On The VIVA L.A. LUCHA Kickstarter


VIVA L.A. LUCHA sent out the following today…

KONNAN and SEAN “X-PAC” WALTMAN will be co-executive producers with KEVIN KLEINROCK and RUBEN ZAMORA on one of thee most exciting concepts to ever be made available to fans of pro wrestling and lucha libre –”VIVA L.A. LUCHA.” “Viva L.A. Lucha” will allow fan input and interaction into the “making of” shows by selecting talents from around the World and then be able to witness the live action as it happens (raw), INCLUDING the behind-the-scenes coaching and preparing streaming on WWNLIVE. Finally each person who participates in helping the project will also be able to view the final productions (episodes) as well.

“VIVA L.A. LUCHA” is a Kickstarter campaign that is looking for backers to help fund the project that has a great set of rewards for anyone who helps. Check it out.

WHAT IS THIS “VIVA L.A. LUCHA” ALL ABOUT? First, it seeks to create an environment where wrestlers who specialize in either the Mexican “lucha libre” form of professional wrestling or the more “traditional”/”WWE style” form can compete with and against each other as a way to become experts in both styles, helping both the individual performers and the companies who need well trained wrestlers to produce their television shows all while ensuring the brightest future for the lucha art form. Our second goal is to give fans and viewers a unique program that will deliver incredible action and entertainment as tomorrow’s stars are groomed in front of their eyes today.

We also want to be able to take networks a television pilot that is 100% in our vision – including the input from our fans and backers – so that they can see, not just on paper or in a sample reel, what tremendous potential a Viva L.A. Lucha series can have.

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At the age of 12 Kevin wanted to work in pro wrestling. He started working for a small local wrestling company writing for their program, ringing the bell at ringside, and even ring announcing. Heading off to college he teamed with two friends to start Southern California Championship Wrestling. SCCW would run until he teamed up with a businessman named Rob Black to form Xtreme Professional Wrestling (XPW). XPW would become an internationally known brand including nationally distributed DVDs and a syndicated TV program. In 2006, Kevin received an opportunity of a lifetime, as MTV backed his idea for $3.5 million into a wrestling series called “Wrestling Society X”, creating 10 half hour episodes. And while lucha libre had always had a part in every wrestling company that he had been a part of or created, it was shortly after WSX that he would join with Ruben Zamora to expand his Masked Republic company from making masks and in-ring gear for wrestlers, representing talent, and promoting shows to adding licensing, production, and distribution arms. Together they would produce a pilot for the G4 network, create a Pay-Per-View and home entertainment series, develop a slew of television and film projects, and start a program to develop the next generation of lucha talent in the United States.


Ruben grew up in both Los Angeles and San Diego and was attending lucha events at the Olympic Auditorium and the Auditorio de Tijuana. In 2002, he began training at Rey Misterio Sr.’s school in Tijuana where he would train under the same man who launched the careers of Konnan, Psicosis, and his own nephew, the 1st luchador to ever become WWE World Champion, Rey Misterio Jr. (now known in WWE as Rey Mysterio). Ruben’s time in the ring quickly transitioned to behind the scenes work as he became the official U.S. agent for Misterio Sr. and Psicosis. This lead to teaming with Misterio to form Luchamania International, and eventually his own promotion called Viva La Lucha. Without selling a single sponsorship or partnering with any media outlets, Ruben’s one-man promotion company would regularly draw over 1,000 fans to live events featuring some of the biggest names in the sport. His success would lead to being called on to consult with other wrestling groups wanting to bring in luchadors to attract audiences locally as well as companies in Mexico looking to him to get their content into the United States. It was a content deal that lucha star and power broker Konnan had made with Kevin Kleinrock for a series of DVDs that would lead the two to meet and expand Masked Republic to the entity it is today.

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