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WWE CFO George Barrios recently spoke about the launch of the WWE Network. He noted that they are looking at an 18-month launch window, and that the current plan for a typical 24-hour programming day is 10-15 hours of “premiering” original content. This does not include re-airing the latest episodes of RAW and SmackDown once the shows premiere on USA Network and Syfy. Barrios lowered the potential monthly price for the HBO-like subscription channel to $9.99-14.99. WWE originally proposed $12.99-14.99. He also added the following about the planned programming…

“One of the nice things is not only do the current passionate fans like it or casual, lapsed fans like a lot of that stuff, because they get to relive some of the past. And it’s nicely curated, not just putting Raw footage on it, kind of contemporize and contextualize today, either with new stars, and different people in pop-culture are part of the production.”

We’ve got three shows in the can already. So, we’ll create new original content, create a subscription service, price it somewhere between $9.99 and $14.99 a month. And we think that just opens up not only our Pay-Per-Views but the rest of the content to an audience who today can’t afford to buy the Pay-Per-Views because it’s a $50 hit on your cable bill every month when average people bills in the U.S. are about $100.”

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