The Latest Update On Vince McMahon Returning To WWE TV


On a recent edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer revealed that Vince McMahon is back working at the office in Stamford, CT. According to reports, there’s a growing feeling within the company that McMahon is looking to return to WWE television; not just behind the scenes, but on-screen as well. Meltzer said,

“Vince is at the office, he hasn’t been to TV yet, but I say probably ‘yet.’ I mean, when is he gonna go on TV? I don’t know, there’s certainly rumors running around that he will. I’ve asked people and they wouldn’t be surprised, but it’s not like there’s a date.”


Meltzer further revealed that McMahon had already been discussing topics other than the potential sale of the company. He said,

“It’s not like he’s gonna be on a week from today, or he’s gonna be at the Rumble, you know, who knows? But there’s that feeling that Vince is gonna wanna go out on TV and he’ll get the big reaction when he does. He is in the office, he is talking about things other than the sale and I think there’ll be more and more Vince fingerprints as time goes on, as far as creative goes it just depends on — who knows, who knows. If Vince wants it, he’ll work to get it. He may do it slowly, I don’t know.”

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