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Back on August 28th it was reported that there was a lot of concern over the
language and terms involved in the talent contracts for the Lucha Underground
series, which will air on the El Rey Network. Much of the concern was over the
lack of guaranteed dates and pay (as well as no option for raises as the series
continues to be “renewed” for new seasons), the length of the contracts (seven
series cycles, which could mean seven years) and the exclusivity requested by
the production.

According to sources, the promotion does not have all
talent under contract, and the first tapings are set for September 6th. The
promotion has given the talents offered deals until tomorrow to sign deals, or
their offers will be rescinded. The promotion does not want to use
non-contracted talent, and want them signed so that they can have production
meetings prior to the first tapings.

Blue Demon Jr., Sexy Star, Drago,
Fenix and Pentagon Jr. were announced for the series, and Ricky Reyes and Bboy
have assigned on for the project. Nick and Matt Jackson, The Young Bucks, were
offered deals but turned them down.

The following talents were reportedly
offered deals, but have not signed as of this writing: Konnan, John “Morrison”
Hennigan, Shawn Hernandez, Chavo Guerrero, Ricochet, Joey Ryan, Candace Laree,
Scorpio Sky, Rocky Romero and Matt Cross.

The promotion is set for an
October 8th debut on the El Rey network, and the following taping dates have
been confirmed…

* September 6th
* September 7th
* September
* September 14th
* September 27th
* September 28th
* October
* October 5th
* October 18th
* October 19th
* October 25th
October 26th

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