The Lilian Garcia ‘Horse’ Rib On RAW + Cole’s Mistake


— On this week’s RAW during the Curtis Axel vs. Big E Langston match, Michael Cole talked about a tweet that Axel sent out earlier in the day regarding seeing all the Legends on RAW that “used to beat up his dad”, Mr. Perfect. In reality, Axel tweeted that he saw all the Legends that his dad used to beat up. Axel tweeted:


“#OldSchoolRaw tonight!!! Fun seeing all these old timers that my Dad beat up! #BetterThanPerfect @WWE”

— Also at the very beginning of the Curtis Axel vs. Big E. Langston match on RAW, Ryback came out for commentary and immediately stated “Sorry my voice is a little horse, I’ve been hanging out with Lilian Garcia!” As you might have guessed, the line was fed directly from Vince McMahon. Obviously, that’s not the nicest of things to say considering WWE’s “Anti-Bullying” campaign but it was Vince’s way of “ribbing” Lilian. Sigh …

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