The Miz Comments On Meeting Maryse For The First Time, Advice From Vince McMahon


WWE Superstar The Miz was featured in the latest “WWE 24” documentary that will be airing on Peacock and WWE Network (internationally). In a preview clip, The Miz discussed how his meeting with wife Maryse came to be, along with advice that was given to him by Vince McMahon during a time where he had forgotten his lines on live television.

The Miz on seeing Maryse for the first time: “I’ll never forget the first time she walked into the room, just stunning, drop dead gorgeous, but couldn’t speak any English whatsoever.”

On telling Maryse to cut a promo in French: “I have never been so scared and turned on in my entire life. I don’t know what she said, but after she walked, we all looked at each other and go, ‘She’s in!’”

The Miz on hosting a Diva Search event and forgetting his lines: “So, I did the Diva Search casting special, and then we brought them into the ring. There’s no cue cards, there’s no — there’s no teleprompter. It’s just in your memory, and you need to go, go, go. And we were live by the way, so you don’t get a second take. And then, a cold sweat came over me, and my entire mind went blank. And then I started hearing the audience. You can feel an audience drain out and know that you are messing up.”

On forgetting the phone number during the Diva Search segment: “The most important thing I had to remember was the phone number, and I forgot it. So, I looked on my wrist. I was sweating so much that it erased off my wrist. And I remember going backstage and thinking, ‘I’m going to get fired.’ And I walk back, I went over to Vince and I’m like, ‘I am so sorry, I apologize. This will never happen again. I will make sure it won’t happen again,’ and he goes, ‘I know it won’t happen again.’ He took me aside, and he said, ‘Bullet points, kid. You need to learn bullet points, and I know you will do better next time because you’ll have to do it next Friday.’ So, it was like, ‘Oh, I’m not fire.’”

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