The Miz: “Daniel Bryan Walked Away From Me Like A Coward!”, & Lots More


The Miz recently spoke with CBS 2 in Chicago and to promote his new reality show, “Miz & Mrs.” on the USA Network. You can check out some highlights from both interviews below:

On if he would accept parenting tips from Daniel Bryan or raise his daughter as a vegan: “A vegan child? No. I’ll allow Monroe to do whatever she wants to do as far as I’m concerned. Obviously, to a degree. If she wants to be a vegan, then I’ll support her being a vegan. If she doesn’t wanna be a vegan, then I’ll support her not being a vegan. You know? It’s up to her. That’s her decision, and I hope that I am able to raise a strong, independent, and powerful woman, kind of like my wife is.”

On Daniel Bryan: “As far as Daniel Bryan’s concerned, I applaud the fact that he’s a father. I applaud the fact that he’s raising his daughter the best he can. But when he steps into the ring, that’s a whole other thing. You know what I mean? You can’t diss a guy for being a dad, but you can diss a guy for being a WWE superstar and being condescending and sitting there thinking that he’s better than you. Then, all of the sudden, since he wants me to be on SmackDown Live, he goes to the General Manager and gets it done and puts me on SmackDown Live. And then I’m here for the past three months, and he has done nothing, and I mean nothing since I have been there on SmackDown Live. I am waiting for him, but the fact is, he hasn’t stepped up to me, hasn’t said a word to me, hasn’t really done anything to me. The only thing I’ve done is beat him in a gauntlet match, so as far as I’m concerned, I’ve won. The fact is, I went up to … If you remember Talking Smack, I think it was three or four years ago, I said everything to Daniel Bryan’s face. I went right up to him. And if you really remember, he started everything.”

On Daniel Bryan walking away from him in their Talking Smack segment: “He’s the one that called me a coward, said I had a soft style of working. But then there’s a guy who comes back three years later and says he was fighting for his dreams. But the thing is, when I was up in his face, I was expecting to get hit, but what did he do? He walked away. Instead of fighting for his dreams and fighting for what he believes in, he walked away like a coward. That’s where I stand with everything.”

On what to expect from Miz And Mrs.: “Now by documenting our lives, we wanted to show all the struggles we go through. I was filming up to five days before I give birth and was filming again a week-and-a-half after because we moved from L.A. to Austin with the family, which was hell. I think that our show is just different. I don’t see it as something you get anxious over because I personally can not stand drama. I think there is too much of it on television. I think with this show you can just watch it and enjoy it and chill and have fun and laugh. I think that is what that’s what people need these days.”

On the difference between the show and Total Divas: “I also think the difference between Total Divas and Miz & Mrs. is Miz & Mrs. is a sitcom. It’s a show. It’s a comedy. That’s what our main focus is. It’s one of those shows where you can sit down, relax and escape your reality and enter ours and laugh about it. When the cameras were around my mom would walk in and say, ‘Hello everyone. How are you doing?’ Then she’d stare at the camera and start talking about how I was as a baby. I’m like, ‘Mom, you don’t talk to the camera. They are filming a scene.’ She didn’t understand that, but as time progressed she got used to it. My dad, you never know what he is going to do or say. As long as there is a camera on him, it’s entertaining. Then you have Maryse’s mom Marjolaine, which is just craziness.”

On revisiting his feud with Daniel Bryan: “This has been four years in the making with Daniel allowed to wrestle again and then come over to SmackDown Live. Doesn’t talk or say anything since I’ve been there, so I basically have been egging him on. The fact is the guy has called me a coward, soft in the WWE ring. When someone does that and says something like that to you, I like to do things to your face. It’s funny because everyone talks about the Talking Smack incident where Daniel called me soft style of wrestling and a coward. Then I got up in his face and told him exactly how I felt. What did Daniel Bryan do? Did he fight for his dream? Did he hit me? No, he walked away. Who was the coward there? Then I come to SmackDown Live, doesn’t talk. The only thing I’ve done is beat him in a gauntlet match. Then I gave him a eulogy. Then what does he do? He comes up from behind and beats me up. If SummerSlam is where it’s at, it’s where it’s at. If it comes sooner, fine.”

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