The Miz’ Interesting Tweets, Ryback Registration Frustration


Partial Source: Pwinsider

— WWE have been denied registration to trademark the name “Ryback.” The USPTO first refused them in January because they felt it was only a surname and they don’t allow trademarks for them. WWE followed up this week, saying that it is more than just a surname, but the USPTO denied them again – this time final – because the office wasn’t satisfied with their answer.

— The Miz was asked on Twitter if he will be at the Money in the Bank Pay-Per-View this Sunday. His reply was, “Only of (if) wwe recognizes my talent.”

He was also asked who the best technical wrestler is and he replied: “Who give a shit #IBeatBitchesUp.”

Numerous WWE sources claim The Miz has been very frustrated with his current WWE status and has been openly talking about it with his co-workers. Obviously, tweets like that aren’t going to do him any favors with WWE management.

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