The Miz: “Maryse & I Left Hollywood Due To Safety Concerns!”


During a recent interview with The Wrap to promote the premiere of his “Miz & Mrs.” reality show on the USA Network, WWE Superstar The Miz commented on his and Maryse’s move from Hollywood, CA to Austin, Texas. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On why they moved from Los Angeles, CA to Austin, Texas: “Our house in Los Angeles — people knew where we lived. We were a stop at — you know those [tourist] places ‘See Stars Homes’? They’d be driving past us taking pictures of our house everyday…It was a safety concern, more or less. There were attempted break-ins all the time.”

On staying billed as from Hollywood in the ring: “No, I’m definitely still from Hollywood, California in the ring. My mind is always in Hollywood.”

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