The Miz & Maryse Return On Monday’s Episode Of WWE RAW


The Miz made his return on this week’s episode of RAW and he didn’t come alone.

As Edge was cutting a promo addressing who he’d be facing next, The Miz and his wife Maryse came out to interrupt. The Miz then grabbed a microphone and the two men went back-and-forth on the stick. The Miz noted that he elevates WWE every chance he gets while Edge just disappears between his WWE appearances.

As we reported earlier here on eWn, Edge noted in his promo that The Miz left his friend (John Morrison) behind to “get fired” while he went off to Dancing With the Stars. As many of you know by now, John Morrison and numerous others were fired from WWE several weeks ago.

Until Monday night, The Miz hadn’t been seen on WWE television since August. Maryse also made her first WWE appearance since April.

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