The Miz On Maryse – ‘I Have My Dream Girl’ + Cesaro, NXT



The Miz recently spoke about the new crop of WWE talent and much more. Here are the highlights…

On New Talent Getting Brought Up From NXT: “I love having new talent come up. It’s great, and I think WWE is doing a great job bringing in new characters and new entertainment to the WWE Universe out there and new characters for me to play with out there. I mean now we have a guy that dances called Fandango and during one of my matches I’m wrestling, what does he do? He starts his music and starts dancing during my match. I’m sorry, but I’m the center of attention when I’m in the ring. Not Fandango. It’s been incredible to have all these new characters. It just makes it so much more fun.”

On Antonio Cesaro, The Shield and Bray Wyatt: “Antonio Cesaro is one of the toughest opponents I’ve had to face, and he was just a rookie at that time [when I worked with him]. Imagine when he is a seasoned vet. He just keeps getting better and better and better. Then you have the Shield. The Shield hasn’t lost yet, whether it’s in a singles match or tag matches. They’re dominant. You look at this Bray Wyatt, definitely freaky and weird and interesting. I can’t wait for this guy to debut just to see what he [and the rest of the family] is all about. There is tons of up-and-coming talent, for me to pick a superstar to be the next Rock or the next [John] Cena, time will tell.”

On The World Heavyweight Title: “One of the things I haven’t had is the world heavyweight championship. So I think I need to go after that and grab that world heavyweight championship for once.”

On His FiancĂ©, Maryse: “I have my dream girl. I finally found the one I’ve been looking for. It has been absolutely fantastic, but obviously with being on the road so much, it causes headaches because we want to see each other. So sometimes I bring her on the road with me, but she understands, and it’s great she understands with me being on the road and with me being with WWE. She knows I’m setting ourselves up for the life that we want.”

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