The Miz Reacts To Becoming A Father, Says “I Was Right About Daniel Bryan All Along!”


During a recent interview with Sporting News prior to the WWE Tribute to the Troops event, The Miz commented on a variety of topics. You can check out some highlights below:

On the WWE Tribute to the Troops show: “My job is to entertain. I never look at myself as a bad guy. I don’t look at myself as a good guy. I look at myself as a person that sets out each and every time I go out there with a goal and that is to entertain an audience. Whether they boo me or cheer me, that’s another thing. Whenever I go out there for our Armed Forces, I want to give them a hell of a show and I think every WWE superstar goes out there and says we need to go do a little something special, a little something extra for these guys. That’s exactly what you’re going to see on Thursday.”

On being right about Daniel Bryan: “I was right all along, wasn’t I? I said exactly what I think needed to be said and nobody believes me. “He’s so beloved. He’s so endearing. He’s great and he’s a dad.” I was saying he’s all about Daniel Bryan. Daniel Bryan is selfish. Daniel Bryan looks out for Daniel Bryan. Nobody else believed me and then what happens? Now, people are like wait a second – was Miz right all along? Eh, we don’t care anymore. We just like to boo Daniel Bryan. I still don’t get any credit. Nobody’s giving me the credit of saying exactly who Daniel Bryan was and telling everyone before it even happened. It’s crazy.”

On becoming a father: “Oh man, everything. I think the biggest surprise is that all my friends with kids said you have no idea what it’s like until you have a kid and every time I would tell them “Yeah, I do. I have dogs, I have cats.” They’d tell me that it’s not the same. When I had my daughter, I understood. They told me that I would never understand love until you have a child and I was like, “whatever.” I love Maryse. I love my parents but there was a special place in my heart that I didn’t even know I had until I had my daughter Monroe. She has captured my heart and every day something new happens. Just last week, she started crawling and I was almost in tears because I couldn’t believe that she was crawling and I just remember her being so small in my arms. She’s able to not necessarily understand what I’m saying but if I say bye, she’ll just go (makes a baby sound) and it’s almost like she’s saying bye to me. I take it as a bye.”

On the Superstar shake-up: “I want you to look at the past. Go look at every time there’s been a superstar shake-up. Every time there has been one, I have been moved and whatever show I leave becomes the show that needs a little work. The show that I go to becomes the must-see show, the show that everybody’s talking about. Right now, it’s “Smackdown.” “Smackdown” wasn’t having the problem, “RAW” was. Every time I was on “RAW”, “SmackDown” was having the problem. When I was on ‘Smackdown”, “RAW” was having the problem. So, obviously, I believe it is the superstar and it’s me. That’s the person that’s needed I think that you know me being myself, I believe that I deserve to be the top superstar. The person that everybody’s talking about. And you might say that I am. But I am not. I’m not on every poster. I’m not front and center like John Cena was in everything. My picture isn’t on every poster or every chair. I was left off the TLC pay-per-view. I’m the type of superstar that feels like he should be needed at all times and should be front and center in every poster in everything.”

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