The Mother of Hana Kimura Files a Complaint Against Japanese Broadcast Ethics & Program Improvement Organization


WON reports that Kyoko Kimura, the mother of Hana Kimura, filed a complaint on July 15 with the Broadcast Ethics & Program Improvement Organization in Japan. A third member of the staff from Terrace House has reportedly said that Hana Kimura was forced to shoot a scene while being in shock and hyperventilating.

Kyoko claims the series made it appear that Hana was a violent and cruel woman. Hana was reportedly hyperventilating, which violated her human and personal rights. The direction the staff gave Hana led to the cyber bullying that would ultimately play a part in her tragic suicide death.

Kai Kobayahi, who was a cast member and a former love interest of Hana Kimura, became upset when he was told to grope Hana Kimura during a date between the two because the date “wasn’t interesting enough”.

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