“The Mountie” Jacques Rougeau Reveals Which Wrestlers Vince McMahon Feared


Former WWF Intercontinental Champion “The Mountie” Jacques Rougeau recently sat down for an interview with It’s My Wrestling Podcast. During the candid interview, Rougeau detailed why he wasn’t fired after the infamous fight with The Dynamite Kid. He would go on to explain that McMahon was scared of The British Bulldogs:

I think Vince was afraid of the Bulldogs. I think of all the times that they were doing bad jokes to people. Cutting their pants in the winter before they went to the airport, things that were not nice. Shaving a guy’s hair and losing his character. I think that Vince and the boys would laugh about it, because it was always about ego. I think he would laugh almost like people who are afraid to face their bullies in life. You could be sitting in a class at school and you have this guy who’s always doing dirty jokes or being mean. Then he looks at you, you have two choices. You could either look at him and laugh because then he’s not going to touch you because you’re on his side. Or you can make a man of yourself, don’t look at him and not acknowledge him.

He would go on to say that the way McMahon handled the situation was wrong:

I think that McMahon was afraid of The Bulldogs bullying. I think he was half encouraging it and half saying hey guys, that’s not funny, you know? It wasn’t the way maybe to approach it because the Bulldogs were saying okay, he heard it he laughed a little bit, but he didn’t fire us, so I think we could keep going. They got worse and worse. So when I stood up, the only guy who stood up to them, I think Vince realised that he screwed up, that he shouldn’t let it go that far.

The full interview can be found here.

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