The National Media Begins To Cover The Alberto Del Rio-WWE Firing Story – Mentions Racism


UPDATE: The Washington Post picked up the
, which also features reactions from fans posted on
Twitter who came to Del Rio’s defense.

ORIGINAL: As previously reported, Alberto Del
Rio was let go by the WWE this week for slapping an employee who does social
media work for WWE. The name of employee who was slapped by Del Rio has now been

The name of the employee is allegedly Cody Barbierri, who is
listed as the Manager of Social Media Live Events for the WWE on
and Twitter. Multiple reports indicated that Barbierri was slapped by Del Rio in
reaction to a racist comment that Barbierri made that was directed at Del

While Alberto Del Rio’s behavior was unacceptable, if the reports
are accurate, Barbierri does not appear blameless in this situation.

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