​The New Age Outlaws Likely Finished On WWE TV


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

The New Age Outlaws are likely finished on WWE TV, at least for a
while. They will not return to the ring any time soon as WrestleMania 30 was the
end of their recent run. Both The Road Dogg and Billy Gunn have full-time jobs
with the company. Road Dogg is an agent for the live shows and Gunn is a trainer
at the WWE Performance Center and NXT. They’ve been handling both their normal
jobs and in-ring work for months.

They were originally rumored to remain in the tag title scene
after dropping the belts to the Usos. However, the decision was made to remove
them from the multi-team match and team them with Kane against The Shield. The
loss, along with Gunn’s injury (which was legitimate but played up on WWE.com
more than needed), shows that the two are probably finished as active wrestlers.
They will go back to their regular positions for the time being.

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