The New Day Remember Shad Gaspard


The New Day’s Big E and Kofi Kingston recalled their memories of the late Shad Gaspard on the most recent episode of Feel The Power

The former WWE star passed away earlier this month in a tragic accident at the beach when he got caught in a riptide. Here is what they had to say: 

Big E: “I know Kofi’s known him longer, but we’ve definitely crossed paths with Shad. I feel like every time we were in LA, we had an event, Shad was there. And Shad was — I always kind of think of him as a big goof, you know? Just had a really, he’s like a big kid, honestly. I think one of the last things I’ll remember is that video of him and MVP crying and hugging as Kofi won the World Title. And that was just Shad being just so supportive, he was always so supportive of Kof and your career. I’ll also remember, he always used to gleefully yell ‘Sak pase’ at me which is like a Haitian greeting. And I would explain to him, ‘Shad, I’m not Haitian.’ He always thought it was funny, because my dad is Jamaican, not Haitian. But it was funny to him.

“I remember once I was at a Gold’s Gym working out years ago. And I get up from the bench, and I just get manhandled by this man. I turn around and of course it’s Shad. He would love to just ‘Little Brother’ me all the time, like I was just a little kid. But Shad had a real youthful energy, and real energetic. I still, I remember the love he showed, we’d see him at WaleManias and the Hall of Fame. And he was a guy that was still around and I can’t help but think of his family and what they’re going through. So yeah, it’s definitely heavy.”

Kofi: “Yeah, I think you know, like you were saying, E. I think I probably knew Shad the best. We talked about doing this and saying these words, and I have so much that I would like to say. We spent so much time together, and he was a guy that you know, was that big brother. Before I got signed, it was in Boston I think, SummerSlam 2006. You know how you always used to have situations where, not so much anymore but you’re an extra talent, you get in the ring, you start working around. And you hope somebody sees you. And I’m not talking about the actual enhancement matches, but just rolling around with people. I remember I got in there and I started rolling around. And then who comes in? Shad comes in, tags. I’m like, ‘Oh man, this dude.’ I’d seen him from Cryme Tyme, I didn’t really know him at the time.

“But he gets in, and I used to tell him this all the time. He put me in an arm bar… he says to me, ‘All right, now what I want you to do is land behind me, I’m gonna lift you up, land behind me and hit me with that big, beautiful dropkick.’ He said it with a lot more cuss words in there. So I’m like, ‘All right.’ So he put me behind him, and I jumped up, hit him with this big dropkick. And you know, Shad is always standing as tall as he can stand. But I was proud of that, because he’s 6’3, 6’4, whatever, hit him right in the jaw. And I’ll never forget that. For Shad to be an in-ring talent on the active roster, and allow me to hit him with a dropkick in the face. You know, not to get too inside, but to sell for me who was just some kid coming off the street, and trying to make a name for myself. I never forgot that. So that was just the kind of person that he was, somebody that would go out of his way to try and help. He always would help me out as much as he could.”

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