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The New Day Talk Triple H Pitching Their WrestleMania 33 Final Fantasy Entrance


The New Day recently took to their podcast, “Feel The Power,” to talk about several professional wrestling topics.

Here are the highlights:

Woods on Triple H pitching their Final Fantasy-themed WrestleMania 33 entrance:

Do you guys remember Triple H pulling us into the room? So we were at whatever live event and Triple H normally isn’t on those. And so, for him to be there, we were like, ‘oh, okay, cool,’ but before the show, he pulls us into his locker room and said he needs to talk to us real quick. I always think we’re in trouble when someone asks us to go into a room. Yes, not me.

So anyway, we’re talking to him, just kind of going over things, and he goes, ‘hey, do you guys know about the this game called Final Fantasy?’ With no segue, he was like, ‘hahaha, what do you guys think of Final Fantasy?’ So it’s like, ‘yeah, we love that game, that series,’ and he’s like, ‘yeah, I think they want to do something with you guys at WrestleMania.’ ‘Sir?’ ‘Well, of course, they want you to dress up like some characters.’ ‘Okay, cool.’

Kingston on having to hold the umbrella attached to the ice cream bicycle so it wouldn’t fly away and hit the audience:

That was so scary, coming down the ramp with the ice cream bicycle, man, and the umbrella. So they didn’t, like, fasten the umbrella into the bike, so, now, like, we’re supposed to be having all this fun and we’re going down the ramp, but the wind had picked up. And I remember we actually had a camera on the ice cream bike and all-of-a-sudden, the umbrella starts to go out and I’m like, ‘oh my God.’ Luckily, I saw it.

Luckily, I wasn’t looking to the left or to the right. I saw it coming out and I grab it. And now, I’m trying to steer this awkward bicycle with this ice cream vat on it, and now I’m holding the umbrella at the same time trying to make sure it doesn’t fly off into the crowd because that would’ve killed somebody! That would’ve been a lawsuit, so it was just a very scary experience coming down, man. Yeah, that was rough.

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H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions

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