Big E Believes Kofi Kingston Will Get His WWE Championship Match at WrestleMania


Kofi Kingston is perhaps the most beloved superstar in all of WWE right now.

The 11-year WWE veteran was removed from his WWE Championship opportunity at Fastlane and replaced by Kevin Owens, leading to some fans thinking that Kofi is destined for his WrestleMania moment with the WWE Championship.

In a new interview with Sportskeeda, The New Day discuss their desires for WrestleMania and Big E seems to think that Kofi Kingston is destined for this moment as well. The heavy-hitter of New Day said this when asked about Daniel Bryan vs. Kevin Owens at Fastlane:

“Kofi is going to get his opportunity at WrestleMania. That is the point. These are the people who are pawns. These are the people who are interchangeable faces. Of course, they are tremendous talents. Daniel Bryan is arguably the greatest in-ring technician of all time.
But it’s not about Daniel Bryan. It’s not about Kevin Owens. It’s about Kofi. Eleven years of being in this company and never getting the opportunity. It’s about him fulfilling his promise. Him cashing in on all the hard work, all he’s brought to this company, doing the right thing for eleven years and not being rewarded.”

Xavier Woods talked about wanting to be in the ring with the newly-reunited Hardy Boyz and the potential of that match happening at WrestleMania as well:

“We brought the Hardyz back. We felt good about it. But we secretly just wanted to be in the ring wrestling against them. I mean if Kofi’s got a match for the WWE Championship, that means that you and I (points at Big E) are free to do as we please.
Maybe we’ll be in some sort of a Championship match. Maybe it’ll involve the Hardyz.”

The New Day also discussed what NXT talent they’d like to work with and while Xavier Wood’s singled out the fun-loving Street Profits, Big E’s answer may be a shock to your system:

Undisputed ERA. It’s very cool to see another faction. Those guys can be very viable in the Tag Team picture and the world title picture as well. I know we’ve shown that as of late, with Kofi being in the world title picture and us obviously holding the Tag Titles for a while.

So, I think factions are awesome. I love the Tag Team stuff. We’ve been doing that for so long. But factions just give you so many options. 6-mans and singles and tags. Those guys have a lot of steam right now. And they’ve been killing it for a while. So, at least for the last couple of years, that’s what comes to mind.”

What do you think, is KofiMania still running wild for you or are you over it? Do you want to see The New Day vs. Undisputed ERA? Sound off in the comments below.

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