The NXT Roster Headed Home, Yahoo/WWE, Mysterio/Punk


— Most of the NXT talent roster are heading home for Thanksgiving. The NXT roster is done for this week as there are no live event scheduled.

— Yahoo! Sports has an article up today looking at some of the top moments for each of WWE’s 50 years. You can check out the article at this link.

— has released a new Rey Mysterio t-shirt. They have also released a new t-shirt for CM Punk, with the shirt showcasing his long title reign.

— Former WWE creative team writer Scott Keith posted a new blog at In his latest blog, he speculates on whether today’s current legends would be able to become top stars if they were just entering the business in 2013. Here are some highlights:

Given today’s environment in WWE’s creative and corporate structure, do you think many of today’s legends would even make it to the top if starting today? How many would be buried for trying to get themselves over or having more fan support than they should have? Do you think any would still get over regardless, such as The Rock?

Basically, how do you think many of wrestling’s (or at least WWE’s) legends would be treated today if they were just starting? I shudder to think of how, say, The Undertaker would handle starting today.

The ropewalk spot wouldn’t be approved in developmental, he’d get shit for not having a good body, they’d make him do goofy promos because he couldn’t talk without a manager and they’d want to rib him, and then he’d get saddled with a Rhinestone Cowboy gimmick because he’s from Texas and acts like a tough guy. Think I’m close there?”

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