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NewsThe Possible Reason why WWE has Already Announced Dean Ambrose's Release

The Possible Reason why WWE has Already Announced Dean Ambrose’s Release



We reported last week here on eWn that RAW Superstar Dean Ambrose gave his notice to WWE within the last several weeks. Following a meeting with Vince McMahon, where he was reportedly offered a seven-figure deal over five years, he decided to decline that offer and will be departing the company when his current contract expires in April of this year. In a surprising moment to many fans, WWE ended up confirming the news in an article on As you’d expect, that led to a lot of speculation about why they would announce the departure so far in advance. According to the Pro Wrestling Torch’s Wade Keller, who originally broke the Ambrose departure news, the likely reason WWE confirmed the story was that it was too big for the company to ignore.

He said, “I mean can they ignore it? I’m sure there’s an internal discussion. It doesn’t come up much that a story of that magnitude gets out there without their controlling it. So maybe putting the statement out was just a way to grab the reins and say, ‘Alright we’re a little in control of this because we’re going to own what the truth is.“

It should also be noted that numerous media outlets picked up the story, including The Associated Press, ESPN, Bleacher Report, CNN and many other outlets so the company really had no other choice but to address it early.

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