The Real Reason Michael Elgin Lost The ROH Title?, Major Backstage Updates Inside Here


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Here are the latest updates on the current status of Michael Elgin following
his loss of the ROH title at All Star Extravaganza to Jay Briscoe on Saturday
night. Some of these stories are unconfirmed rumors, so take them all with a
grain of salt.

Elgin is reportedly still under contract with ROH and is not yet done with
the company. He is still working under a recent, exclusive deal with ROH, which
gives him a full-time salary. The contract also gives Ring of Honor the right to
approve and/or deny indy dates that are offered to Elgin in its duration.

There are rumors that Elgin apparently did not do enough to protect the ROH
title while he was working indy dates, including a loss to Trevor Lee at PWG
Battle of Los Angeles. This has not been confirmed. However, a source says this
could have been a factor in the decision for Elgin dropping the title.

Another factor for Elgin’s loss is that several sources claim that Elgin’s US
work visa expired and was not renewed. The responsibility is reportedly falling
on Elgin over this issue. However, there are said to be differing stories over
this. Elgin not having his work visa renewed means that he would not have been
able to return to the United States after going to Toronto for the ROH iPPV
Saturday night. In addition, Elgin had to cancel a booking for AIW that was set
for Cleveland, Ohio tonight (September 7). Elgin cited paperwork issues for the

Elgin reportedly needs about 90 days to get his visa paperwork in order. Over
that time frame, ROH has eight live events and three tapings scheduled. So the
title switch was done so the promotion would continue to have an active champion
for the time being. Briscoe’s title win was said to not be the original plan for
the show.

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