The Real Reason Paul Ellering Split From The Authors Of Pain


The Authors Of Pain are now on the main roster after joining Monday Night RAW. Following a successful win on their first night on the show, AOP dropped longtime manager Paul Ellering from their ranks.

A ton of speculation began to swirl as to why the decision to break the Authors Of Pain away from Ellering was made. The most common assumption was that Ellering didn’t want to travel as much at this point in his career.


Ellering downplayed these rumors with a recent Tweet:

Mike Johnson of PWInsider reports that the split had nothing to do with Ellering’s being reluctant to travel. WWE reportedly wants the Authors Of Pain to be on their own now and would prefer Ellering to hang back in NXT and help younger talent.

Johnson also noted that Ellering would’ve done anything WWE wanted him to do, even if it meant traveling.

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