The Real Reason Why Bobby Lashley Hasn’t Been on RAW, WWE Network Most-Watched Shows


According to a report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, the reason Bobby Lashley hasn’t been on RAW the past few weeks is because he had to be quarantined after a WWE promotional tour. WWE was planning to have Lashley appear on the March 16th episode of RAW as they wanted to begin a feud between him and Aleister Black but that was scrapped. Lashley was in South Africa the week before and was quarantined as a result.

Here are last week’s most-watched WWE Network shows:

1. WWE Untold: Rodzilla in WCW
2. Elimination Chamber 2020
3. Roman Reigns’ Best WrestleMania matches
4. WrestleMania 35
5. Broken Skull Sessions (Bret Hart)
6. Ruthless Aggression (Episode 5)
7. Royal Rumble 2020

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