The Reason Hornswoggle Has Been Off WWE TV, & More


— For those who may have missed it yesterday, Shelton Benjamin told that former wrestler the Barbarian is falsely promoting a wrestling tour in Nigeria in December. The flyer the Barbarian released advertises Benjamin, MVP, Carlito, John Morrison, Bobby Lashley, Finley and Matt Hardy as appearing. Benjamin says that none of these guys are involved and also that Barbarian stiffed him in 2011 with a paycheck.

— As many of you have likely noticed, Hornswoggle has not been on WWE TV for a while now. The reason is because he’s recently had surgery to remove his gallbladder. He’s been off the road for four weeks now and is continuing his recovery. As of now, there is no word on when he’ll be back. Hornswoggle tweeted the following regarding this:

“Who needs a gall bladder anyway? As much as I miss home at times when on the road, these 4 weeks home have gotten me anxious! #brutal”

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