Mauro Ranallo

The Reason Mauro Ranallo Wasn’t at WWE Worlds Collide, Lacey Evans Responds to Bayley


Mauro Ranallo wasn’t at the WWE NXT Worlds Collide pay-per-view event because he’s calling tonight’s big Danny Garcia boxing fight on Showtime.

As seen during Friday night’s WWE SmackDown broadcast, Bayley came out and interrupted a Lacey Evans promo. The two then brawled backstage throughout the show. Following SmackDown, Evans tweeted the following,

“They will attack, hate, and judge. They will knock you down….but when the ground is where you are most comfortable and you stand up smiling, they’ll realize what you’re capable of. #LimitlessLady #BringIt #YaNasties #RoyalRumble” You can check out that tweet below.”

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