The Reason Randy Orton Is Off SummerSlam + Major Changes


— A source within WWE says that Randy Orton will not be wrestling at SummerSlam but is expected to appear on the show. Creative has been considering having Orton cut a promo or perhaps deliver an RKO to someone. Exact details have not yet been decided yet. The company decided to keep him off the show while he was suspended as a combination of not having enough time to write him in and an extra punishment for failing his Wellness test.

— Also for SummerSlam, a source in the company says that with Kevin Rudolf performing the theme song on the show, it is fairly unlikely that the Damien Sandow vs. Brodus Clay match and the rumored Cody Rhodes vs. Sin Cara match will happen. They may still add one of these matches to the pre-show or live pay-per-view (it’ll likely be kept short) but we’ll see. This goes to show you how often plans can change in WWE as they only contacted Rudolf earlier this week.

— Once again, THANK YOU for all the birthday wishes today. There were legitimately thousands of comments on my Facebook, Twitter and email from you guys. As I noted earlier, you guys are the best fans anyone can ask for. We wouldn’t be able to do this without you. I tell people all the time on my Facebook and Twitter pages that if I could meet up with each and every single one of you to buy ya’ a beer/drink, I would. We do a get together in New York City every three months or so prior to ROH events so email me if you ever want to meet up and you’re from the New York City area. Thanks again for your continued support. Can’t thank you guys enough. Have a great weekend!

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