The Reason There Is Still Tons Of WWE Content On YouTube Despite The WWE Network Launching


Source: The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

It was believed that when the WWE Network launched, the Youtube content would
be removed. Some people believe that the Youtube content has hurt network
subscriptions and will also hurt renewals. The reason there is still a lot of
WWE content is because of a strategic decision by WWE.

Rob Bernstein, WWE’s Vice President of Digital and Print in March told the
Digital Sports Fan Engagement Conference that they would not go after blocking
archived Youtube videos of products they own because they think it’s better to
leave them there so fans can get hooked on the product. The belief is that over
the long-term it’s more of a benefit and fans who are exposed to the product
will end up spending more money.

There are still conflicting opinions on that within the company, as WWE will
occasionally still go after videos they don’t want up.

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