The Reason Why TNA Isn’t Responding To Billy Corgan, TNA Taping iMPACT! Footage, & More


TNA Wrestling will be returning to Universal Studios in Orlando, FL from January 4th through the 10th. The company will tape Xplosion matches, one or two One Night Only PPVs and enough iMPACT! episodes to fill through the end of March.

For those wondering, the reason TNA Wrestling has not responded to several recent interviews Billy Corgan did is because Corgan’s attorneys filed a notice in the Nashville Chancery Court that they were “voluntarily dismissing his lawsuit against the company without prejudice”. With that being said, the lawsuit could always be re-filed down the line. In several interviews, Corgan noted that he has released all claims against TNA iMPACT! Wrestling, iMPACT! Ventures and Anthem Sports & Entertainment, but is still considering pursuing Dixie Carter and others legally. The lawsuit has yet to be officially dismissed by the presiding Judge.

TNA Wrestling is still looking to run several live events in 2017. As of this writing, no dates have been announced.

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