The Reason Why Vince McMahon Is Against Having A “Physical” Hall of Fame


On Sunday’s debut of “WWE’s Most Wanted Treasures” on A&E, the show featured some collectible and iconic WWE memorabilia being sought out by Triple H and Stephanie McMahon in order to bring those items back to WWE’s warehouse. This led to a question being proposed by a fan on the Wrestling Observer Radio asking if the goal of the show is to (eventually) have a “physical” WWE Hall of Fame. Dave Meltzer replied by saying that historically, Vince McMahon sees this as a waste of money, despite Triple H wanting to have a Hall of Fame 4-D experience dating back to 2013. Vince, however, was always against the idea.

Meltzer finished up by saying that he thinks they’re collecting these items for a physical Hall of Fame building but is unsure if it will actually happen during this season of the show. WWE as of today has no plans for such a building.

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