The Reason Why WWE Isn’t Taping SmackDown Next Week


— As noted earlier here on the website, WWE is expected to be losing a “ton of money even with a sellout crowd” by booking Madison Square Garden for the Class of 2013 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony on 4/6. Booking Madison Square Garden was described as more “symbolic” and something that Triple H reportedly pushed hard for. While many assumed Bruno Sammartino was a big reason for booking the arena, WWE had already closed the deal before they had a deal in place with Sammartino. One of the many reasons why they booked the arena is because in addition to Sammartino, Bob Backlund and Mick Foley also have ties to the New York City area, The company also spent a ton of money on a large banner that is currently featured on the outside of Madison Square Garden. We posted a photo of the banner here on eWN last week. The cost of advertising in New York City, especially just blocks away from Times Square, is ridiculously high.

— As has been the case in past years, WWE will not hold an individual taping on Tuesday night for SmackDown next week. The episode will air on April 5th in the United States and will feature “live” cut-ins from AXXESS. WWE will also tape parts of the episode before and after the April 1st edition of Monday Night RAW, along with matches for Main Event and Saturday Morning Slam. Basically, everything besides the “live” AXXESS cut-ins will be done on Monday night at the RAW TV tapings. The WWE crew will then head to New York City/New Jersey to do media throughout the week. None of the talents will be flying home as they normally do.

In 2011, WWE held an unannounced RAW/SmackDown Supershow in Chicago, IL the week before WrestleMania to tape segments for shows later in the week.

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