The Return Of The ‘Internet Championship’?, ECW Documentary


— A new documentary about Extreme Championship Wrestling has hit $13,352 on Kickstarter. They are just over $9,000 shy of their $23,000 goal. The funds are being raised to finish the production, license, film and video that will be used for the film and to market and promote the documentary. The film included over sixty interviews and has been worked on for twelve years now. You can find more details here.

— On the most recent episode of “Z! True Long Island Story”, Heath Slater challenged Zack Ryder to a match for the Internet Championship on a future WWE PPV pre-show. This happened because of Ryder’s win over Slater on RAW.

There has been no word about Ryder actually defending the belt, but Ryder and Slater have been feuding on Twitter which resulted in matches on RAW. It’s possible that the Internet Championship will be defended as WWE doesn’t want to have a real title defended on a YouTube pre-show. We shall see.

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