The Return Of ‘TNA Today’ (Video), EVOLVE/DGUSA News


— As previously reported, EVOLVE announced the competitors in the Style Battle Tournament. AR Fox is representing High-Flying, Bobby Fish is Puroresu Junior Heavyweight Style, Jon Davis represents Power Style and Tommy Taylor will represent European Style. Lince Dorado was originally booked but has been pulled. The show will be held over three nights: June 28th in Ybor City, June 29th in St. Petersburg and June 30th in Jacksonville. All three events will be double headers alongside Florida Underground Wrestling, with all events running via iPPV.

— Also previously reported was Jon Davis teasing that he would retire if he didn’t perform well. Davis wrote: “So I’ve been getting quite a few DM’s with people asking about what’s going on with me and why I haven’t been around lately. To save time I figured I’d answer publicly. It’ll take a couple messages to get it all out, but hopefully it’ll answer some of the questions. I have gotten a lot of positive feedback on my matches with Finlay and Low ki (at EVOLVE 12 and 13), a lot of people said they were my best to date but I disagree. Having great matches doesn’t pay the bills, winning does. I’m standing at a crossroad, I’m 32 with a family to feed and I can’t continue to dwell in the mid card. Wrestling HAS to start paying my bills. If it doesn’t, I’ll find something else that will. Hoping for something to happen won’t feed my children. I was given a tremendous opportunity against Ki and Finlay and I didn’t win. I didn’t elevate myself. I can’t do this anymore. That’s why at the end of the book it cam promo, I left my boots. I quit. BUT with that being said, I’ve had time to cool down and think. So I’m going to give it one last shot. It’s do or die, I need to win every match from this point out or I need to retire. No one loss, no going .500. That doesn’t elevate me, that doesn’t get me paid more. That doesn’t feed my family. So @BookItGabe, put me in the style battle. It will end in MY home city of Jacksonville. That way if I lose, I go out in front of my friends and family. But if win, I will continue to build my wins and my climb to the top of the leader board. This HAS to end with a title around my waist. EVOLVE NEEDS A TITLE and I NEED TO BE ITS FIRST CHAMPION. I saw what the DGUSA title has done for Gargano. Opening match to champion. That will be me. I’ll earn my shot and win. Or I’ll walk away. Thank you to everyone that had supported me.”

— DGUA’s weekly special on free shipping is ongoing, with any order $50 or over in the US or $75 and over international available for the deal using the “Colt Cabana” code. The deal includes everything available in the Store.

— The Scene (Caleb Konley & Scott Reed), John SilverCheech, Mike Cruz and Jake Manning have been added to all the Florida dates.

— TNA has made Slammiversary replays available via YouTube. You can order the replay via the below video:

— Here is the return of “TNA Today”:

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