The Return Of Wrestling Buddies, Pearce Speaks, UWF Preview


— During a press release announcing their 2012 plans, Mattel mentioned that they are bringing back the old “Wrestling Buddies” line of pillow wrestlers, now called “Brawlin’ Buddies.” Twelve million viewers tune into the action-packed storylines of WWE® programming each week and this year Mattel turns its Superstars into mom-friendly WWE® Brawlin’ Buddies™. These pillow Superstars bring the ring home but keep the moves safe.

— NWA World Heavyweight Champion Adam Pearce talks about Jim Cornette’s Ring of Honor Challenger that was handpicked for the “Battle of the Belts” on March 29th in Ford Lauderdale. Ticket information can be found at NWA Ring Warriors.

— 5 Dollar Wrestling has released the trailer for their This Many DVD.

— Enjoy this preview of Urban Wrestling Federation’s Ruthless Revenge, their March 25th PPV featuring a four-way match of Joker vs Facade vs Grim Reefer vs Kage.

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