The Revival Talk Short-Lived Stable With Randy Orton


Speaking to Sky Sports, the Revival opened up about their stable with Randy Orton. While Dash Wilder commented on how much fun the angle was, Scott Dawson couldn’t help but be disappointed in its short length.

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Below are some highlights:


“The most fun I’ve had since we came up from NXT, personally. Just learning from him and seeing how he works up close and picking his brain after, there’s not many guys like him that has accomplished what he’s accomplished, for as long as he’s accomplished it. I wish we could have had more time as a faction. Hopefully, we have a chance to work with him again down the line.”


“There was a lot of money left on the table whenever that was dissolved. We could have done a lot of good things for professional wrestling and a lot of good things for the WWE. But that’s not how they saw it, unfortunately. We learned a lot from Randy Orton and became good friends over those two months. I think he really enjoyed being with us because he hasn’t had that — not that we’re super young guys — but that youthful vibrance of wanting to steal the show every night. He hadn’t been around that for awhile. He got with us and every single night, we wanted to steal the show and work harder than everybody else. I think he enjoyed that but he also respects that. We grew this kinship, friendship, and bond with him that we haven’t had on the main roster with anybody else.”

(h/t: Fightful)

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