The Riott Squad Comment on the Rumor that Vince McMahon Based Them on “Suicide Squad”


WWE released the following clip from tonight’s episode of “WWE Table For 3.” In the video, The Riott Squad commented on a rumor that Vince McMahon based their stable on “Suicide Squad”.

Ruby Riott: “To be honest, I don’t know if this — if there’s any truth to this, but I did hear the rumor that Vince watched Suicide Squad and wanted, like, a Harley Quinn, a Joker, and a beast.”

Sarah Logan: “Then, am I … who am I? The smart one?” She then recalls, “I think, because we were told we wouldn’t last six weeks, we didn’t change our characters. Because we wanted to be characters outside of the Riott Squad.”

Riott: “Yeah, I remember someone coming up to us [and saying], ‘In six weeks, nobody’s going to know who the Riott Squad is. You’re all gonna be different characters, you’re all gonna be separated.”

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