Road Dogg says Dusty Rhodes was upset over Cody's moonsault spot in WWE

The Road Dogg Questions The Odd Booking Of WWE RAW Segment


It appears WWE Hall of Famer Road Dogg (BG James) wasn’t a big fan of the Judgment Day’s confrontation with the Mysterios on this week’s episode of RAW.

Monday’s show featured Damian Priest and Finn Balor trying to recruit Dominik Mysterio to join the faction. During the promo, Priest and Balor referred to Rey as a bad father.

Following the segment, the Road Dogg took to Twitter to comment on the fact that the heels attacked both Mysterios just last week and now they are trying to get one of them to join them. He wrote,

“So….. they attack me last week and now they cut a promo right in front of me. Idk my babyface doesn’t look good. #JUSTME #OUDK #WWERaw”

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