Road Dogg says Dusty Rhodes was upset over Cody's moonsault spot in WWE

The Road Dogg Reveals What Advice He Would Give Jeff Hardy Following DUI Arrest


Brian “Road Dogg” James has struggled with addiction in the past.

During the latest edition of his “Oh You Didn’t Know?” podcast, James commented on Jeff Hardy’s recent DUI arrest and what advice he’d give him.

You can check out some highlights from the podcast below:

On Jeff Hardy’s situation: “People believe in second chances. America was built on second chances, WWE was dang sure built on second chances, and the fact is that Jeff deserves one. He’s been living hard and it’s time to stop now. He has to be ready and willing to do whatever it takes to stop living that way.”

On his advice for Hardy coming from his own history of substance abuse: “I didn’t know living a different way was a possibility for me. I thought, and I say this all the time, I didn’t care which handful of pills killed me and I was wondering which one was going to do it and when. Living crazy like that, you don’t have to live like that ever again and it’s okay. I hope he realizes that now, but it’s not easy, it’s not easy to get off that vicious merry-go-round man. You’ve got to reach out and somebody’s got to pull you off kind of, that’s maybe where we’re at right now. Praying for him for sure, first and foremost. I can’t do anything for him but pray for him.”

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