The Rock Continues To Explain Why He Returned To WWE


Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson recently did an interview with Variety in which he explained why he came back to the WWE.

When he started his acting career, he had conflicting advice on how to handle it, but now he has formed his own management team, led by his ex-wife Dany, that caused him to “embrace” the Rock name again. Dany said it was a nickname he could never “escape.”

Rock said: “I’m back for no other reason than to entertain the fans that had been so good to me over the years. It’s not about the dollar. I’ve been very fortunate. When you go out there and you perform, it becomes really magical. So to be able to go back and create the biggest match of all time for them means the world to me. I took the biggest risk of my life by leaving WWE when I was on top. To be able to go back means the world to me.”

Rock initially had troubles in Hollywood, only getting action films until a role in Be Cool allowed him to star in family films. He then showed that he could carry more action-driven, tent pole style films.

He has four films for after Wrestlemania: Brett Ratner’s Hercules: The Thracian Wars, Michael Bay’s Pain and Gain, Dito Montiel’s Empire State and Fast & Furious Six.

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