The Rock: ‘I Was Told Not To Talk About Wrestling’


— The Rock and his manager/ex-wife Dany Garcia recently spoke to Forbes in their piece about the most powerful men in Hollywood about his move to acting, making Hollywood conform to him and more. Check out the highlights:

Rock on the secret of his box office success: “I can kick ass better than anyone on the planet. And I have a decent smile.”

Garcia on his early move into acting: “When he was wrestling, he was at 270 pounds and the ruler of the world. When he went into movies he dropped to 230 pounds and they told him to stop talking about wrestling.”

On his reaction to Hollywood’s attitudes about his wrestling past: “It reached a point where I felt that ¬instead of me trying to conform to Hollywood, I needed to have ¬Hollywood conform to me and ¬embrace my past.”

Rock on enjoying doing promotion for his films: “That’s the wonderful part about being in this business,” says Johnson. “I love knowing the audience and listening to the audience.”

For what it’s worth, pro wrestling has always been looked down upon by Hollywood so that’s pretty much what The Rock had to do when he went to Hollywood – shy away from his pro wrestling past. As much as wrestling fans will likely disagree, it was a smart move by him. He was also looking at a post-wrestling future and many talents have and will turn to Hollywood. Once they do, they’ll need to shy away from pro wrestling as well if they want to land major gigs.

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