The Rock Low Blowed By Mark Wahlberg’s Son, nWo DVD


— WWE is reportedly at work on a home video release focusing on the NWO. The release is scheduled for November and will document the stable from its inception in the 1990s all the way through its reformation in WWE in the 2000s.

— Mark Wahlberg recently mentioned that his son nailed The Rock below the belt for no apparent reason. Wahlberg, who is shooting Pain & Gain with the Rock, told the story to the Boston Herald about introducing his sons to his co-star. “He [Rock] gives my one son a high five and then the next one he goes to give him a high five and my son punched him right in the (bleep),” Wahlberg said. “I’m like, ‘What are you doing, dude?'”

— The new TV spot promoting RAW’s move to three hours was produced by USA’s team, not WWE.

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