​The Rock Makes Forbes’ Highest-Paid Celebrities List, Brock Lesnar/NFL News, & More


Forbes recently posted an article looking at the “highest-paid actors in Hollywood over the past year.” The Rock made the list, ranking #19 with $64.5 million. He came in behind Kevin Hart, who brought in $87.5 million.

Forbes noted, “Rock-solid box office numbers helped the erstwhile wrestler become the world’s highest-paid actor. Since helping launch the billion-dollar Fast and Furious franchise and leading 2015’s San Andreas to a surprising $473 million worldwide, Dwayne Johnson has become Hollywood’s go-to action hero. Next up for the beefy star: a starring role in the upcoming Baywatch remake. ‘I can kick ass better than anyone on the planet,’ he once told FORBES. ‘And I have a decent smile.’”

ESPN recently interviewed former NFL star Nate Burleson. During the interview, Burleson recalled Brock Lesnar suplexing a player during his NFL tryout in 2004. He said that when Lesnar was trying out for the Minnesota Vikings after he left WWE, he suplexed a player during a joint practice with the Kansas City Chiefs.

“Somebody cheap-shotted Daunte Culpepper late,” Burleson said. “And Brock was like, ‘Who did it?’ The next play, he went and suplexed the guy. He picked up a grown man after the play. It was a Royal Rumble: Minnesota versus Kansas City. … That was a nasty suplex on the football field.”

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