The Rock Reflects on 2001 Feud with Booker T


The Rock recently took to Instagram to reflect on his 2001 rivalry with WCW Superstar Booker T.

This rivalry took place in the middle of the often ridiculed WCW Invasion angle. In fact, Sting has said in prior interviews that it was the way The Rock initially spoke to Booker T on-camera that helped him decide he would stay away from WWE. A decision he stuck to until November of 2014.

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The Rock was actually very complimentary of his SummerSlam 2001 opponent, even calling the match at Summerslam with the two-time WWE Hall of Famer one of his favorite matches:

Booker is such an incredibly gifted beast of an athlete so our wrestling styles complimented each other very well.  There was no one better when it came to pure in-ring athleticism and there’s a reason why this man is in the Hall of Fame.  He’s a tough bastard too and after this 35min match, I felt like I got hit by a fucking truck. Thank you, brother Book, for “the house” and for “doing the honors” – this one was special.

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