The Rock Responds To ‘Wrestling Is Fake’ Tweet, Lawler, More


— When asked on Twitter if wrestling was fake, The Rock posted the following response… Only when I lose my friend..”

— On May 5th, Jerry Lawler will appear at Pulp Comics 4413 Queen St. Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada from Noon-4PM.

— Bushwacker Luke recently spoke about breaking John Laurinaitis into the wrestling business, here is what he has to say… “We broke him in the business,” Williams said of Laurinaitis, who broke into the National Wrestling Alliance in 1986 as a flagbearer for The Sheepherders. “We were in NWA and he came in and Dusty [Rhodes] put him with us. Dusty was the booker at the time and he put him with us to learn the business. When he first started, he carried our flag and after a year or so, we went into the six-man’s and all that. John is a very educated man; he’s got a bachelor’s in business. I left in 1988 to go to WWE and he went to WCW and teamed up with Shane Douglas.”

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