The Rock Says Ken Shamrock Damaged Blood Vessels In His Lung After Suplex


The Rock took to Instagram earlier today, commenting on his matches with Ken Shamrock during the late 90s. He said that during one of them, Shamrock hit a suplex and it damaged blood vessels in his lung. He said,

“Not the most elegant or sexy #throwbackthursday back when I had a lil’ internal bleeding (not planned) while wrestling @UFC Hall Of Famer, @kenshamrockofficial aka “The World’s Most Dangerous Man”.

I loved wrestling Kenny around the world and we had some classic matches.

On this night I took a hard suplex and the impact damaged blood vessels in my lungs causing the blood to come up.

Kept composed, made sure I could breath and continued with the match.

I’d like to think Ken would’ve shown me some compassion, but his facial expression says “f*ck your bleeding lungs” as he tries to rip my ankle from my tibia.

These were good days and this was how I proudly made my bones.

As always, “thank you for house”, brother.”

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