The Rock Speaks Out – Training, John Cena, & More


The Rock was recently interviewed by Moviefone, here are the highlights…

On Finding Time to Train: You fit it in, that’s what you do. I make sure there’s a ring on location with me, anywhere that I shoot. I had a ring down in New Orleans, when I was preparing for the Madison Square Garden event. I have a ring down in Florida, a ring down in Louisiana; there’s always a ring close by. In order to prep for WrestleMania, it’s a lengthy training camp that requires daily work inside the ring because you can’t simulate the physicality of professional wrestling.

Will John Cena Give Him Any Trouble?: The only trouble he’s going to have is removing my size 15 boot from his ladyparts. That’s right — I’m excited about all the projects you just mentioned. I’m excited about WrestleMania; to be able to go back, team up with Vince [McMahon] and make a big vision like that come to life and create the biggest match-up of all time is very special to me. There’s countless matches that have moved me and inspired me, and we’re going to do something very special down in Miami, my hometown, sold-out Sun Life Stadium. Boots to John Cena’s ass.

On His Next Film Projects: We just wrapped “Snitch,” that was a hell of a schedule and we shot six day weeks, for six weeks in a row. That was a very intense role, but I loved playing it and it was an honor to become that man. Those are real events and real stakes between the U.S. government and drug cartels and a family.

[“Pain and Gain,”] again, unbelievably a true story. We’re in pre-production, and we’re all — meaning my team and Paramount and Michael Bay — crossing “t”s and dotting “i”s. I’ve known Michael for some time, this has been a passion project of his, he gave me the script to read years ago, I loved it and wanted to make it then. Unfortunately, we have a very small window of time to shoot it before I go off and film “Fast Six.”

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